Why me!

As a native Arabic speaker, one of my strongest qualities is my very close connection to the Arabic language and culture. My linguistic capabilities allow me to offer a professional service in translation, proof-reading and editing projects. I vow to ensure translations are a true rendering of the source documents. To this end, I am always ready to consult clients, dictionaries, the Internet, or other resources when I am in doubt of a term, an expression, or a specific context.

My strengths:

- Completeness, accuracy, attention to detail:

I will render the full meaning of the source text into Arabic, adhering as closely as possible to the style and register of the original unless otherwise instructed. Any unresolved questions will be called to your attention. Additions needed for cross-cultural understanding may be embedded in the text or given in footnotes.

- Adherence to specifications and delivery dates:

I normally do larger jobs in the order received but set aside time each week for working in small, fast-turnaround jobs. Translations are normally delivered via e-mail as Word, Excel or Powerpoint documents, but I also provide PDFs.

- Confidentiality and professional conduct:

All private documents, files, and other privileged information received from client in the course of a project are deemed confidential and will not be divulged to third parties without authorization.

- Mastery of many Arabic language styles:

This feature allow me to choose the best compatible one.

- Integrity:

I take only projects which I can do.

- Quality:

I do all the job myself. This way, I can assure the quality and the uniformity within all the project.