Payment and rates:

- My prices are very competitive because I'm not an intermediary, I do all the job myself (starting from 0,05 EUR/source word, 0,07 USD/source word).

- All offers and prices depend on each order. Prices are in EUR or USD, unless otherwise agreed. The word count is based on the source text to be translated. In the event the source documents are not supplied electronically the word count shall be performed on the target documents. Companies and translation agencies must send a signed purchase order before starting the translation.

- The cost of the translation is payable within 30 days of the date of the invoice (a signed purchase order is required). In case of assignments of a higher value than 2000 EUR, the translator may ask 50% prepayment of the total amount. Translation work will be started only when Customer paid the requested amount.

- To enable me to provide you with a reliable and accurate quote, you are kindly requested to send me as much information as possible on your requirements (deadline, source and target languages, format of the documents, and of course, the text to be translated). I will send you an answer within 24 hours after receiving your request.

Accepted payment methods:

Bank transfer Visa Mastercard accepted PayPal accepted Skrill accepted