About me:

I was lucky to have been born into a cultured Arabic family surrounded by books (05/08/1972, Ksar El Kebir, Morocco). Therefore, reading Arabic books was one of my first interests. All my education, from elementary school to university, has been influenced strongly by coming into contact with Arabic culture and foreign languages. I began studying French since primary school, then English in secondary school, all of which I continued to study in depth at high school.

I became more and more fascinated by foreign languages and translation world and decided to enroll at the translation branch when I was studying History in the Universty Of Abdel Malik Assaadi (1991-1995, Tetouan, Morocco). I have completed my Bachelor's Degree in History in translation branch and also hold a diploma in Computer Technician program.

As time passed this interest became a passion, one which has motivated me to work in translation field. I moved to Spain in 2004, where I had the opportunity to learn also Spanish. During 10 years of living in Spain, I reached also a high level in Spanish language.

As a native Arabic speaker, one of my strongest qualities is my very close connection to the Arabic language and culture. My linguistic capabilities allow me to offer a professional service in translation, proof-reading and editing works.

In closing, I consider myself an approachable, flexible, honest, and professional person. I never assume that I can take up every translation project: I take only projects which I can do.